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Petitioning All American courts, Brazilian courts, and District Attorneys'

We are requesting URGENT, emergency relief for Winnifer Hope Carlton!

Winnifer Hope Carlton is a 10year old, American girl who is currently isolated in a remote location in Brazil, where she does not speak the language and is being held hostage by her father; a man documented as delusional who is continuing to use the most extreme measures of parental alienation and psychological abuse against this minor.
We are aware that Winnifer has never been told the truth of what happened to her loving mother, her deceased brother, her pets, her life with her maternal family and friends in Harford County Maryland. Rather, she has been told horrific lies, criminally manipulated and exploited by her own father, who continues to find pleasure in deceiving and harming masses of people by using his voice and delusional, malicious intentions, in what HE deceptively states is the opinion and condition of this innocent and extremely confused little girl.
We, the people, who have signed this petition believe that it is in the best interest of Winnifer Hope, her loving mother, Valerie Carlton, her grand-mother, Lenna Gordon, the American people, the Brazilian people, and both countries judicial systems that this child, mother, and grand-mother finally be reunited with emergency judicial orders, and prosecution assistant against Mr. Russell Carlton and his conspirators.

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  • All American courts, Brazilian courts, and District Attorneys'

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