Ensure the integrity of our election

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There is more than enough time for those that fear voting in person to use the already established "absentee ballet" that every state offers. The voter rolls in every state need to be checked, re-checked and verified to ensure that only those eligible to vote actually vote. The indiscriminate mailing of millions of ballots, that were not even requested is ripe for fraud. Allowing for ballots to be counted for days and weeks after the election only further exacerbates the potential for fraud. I strongly believe that anyone who wishes to cast a vote in the upcoming election, that is eligible to vote should have the opportunity. But what has been set up going into the election will most certainly provide an opportunity for nefarious actors to not only dilute the legitimate votes of citizens, but will also facilitate a constitutional crisis that this country cannot afford. Never before in our history has the likelihood of that bedrock principle of "the peaceful transfer of power" been more in question. We must demand that our election NOT be used by either party as a political weapon. We a dangerously close to allowing our election to be stolen. The things being discussed now only happen in third world countries or totalitarian regimes. It is our country and our election. We demand fairness and integrity, we must put the politicians on notice that we will not tolerate their using our election or our vote as cannon fodder for their lust for power on either side. One person, one vote to be counted openly and honestly within the already established guidelines that we as a society have agreed upon. Nothing, not a political party, a bureaucratic institution or a virus should be allowed to disrupt our elections. There is enough time to send ballots that can be verified, to open additional polling places and to ensure the citizens of this great country that not only can they cast their vote safely, but that the election results will be tallied in an open, honest and timely fashion. WE MUST PUT THEM ALL ON NOTICE THAT ANYTHING LESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The following actions must be taken:

1- immediately stop mailing any ballots that have not been requested. Make it clear that unverified ballots will not be accepted in the election

2- insist that every state include "potential health risk" (Covid fears) as a legitimate reason to request an absentee ballot

3- add additional polling places in every state so that the number of voters at each location can be lower making it easier to "social distance"

4- allow states to extend early voting if necessary to help decrease the number of people present at a polling place at one time

5- every state must purge its voter rolls of any and all deceased, duplicate or illegal registrants regularly

6- insist that a state issued photo ID be required to place an in person vote in every state

7- insist that all absentee ballots be counted on election day 

8- make it mandatory that states must report their vote totals no later than 24 hours after the polls close without exception