Implementation of summer uniform at TBS

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Our goal is to have a summer uniform introduced which would allow students to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts during spring and summer days. 

Teachers and the management at TBS argue that if we worked in an office we would be expected to wear trousers and shirts. While this is entirely true, it is important to note that we are children, offices are air conditioned while TBS largely isn’t and when working in an office you’re not sitting surrounded by 20 sweaty teenagers. In addition to this, most companies don’t encourage sport the way TBS does, and doing sport is difficult and uncomfortable in trousers, shirts and ties.

Over the past years, school uniforms have become less and less common in many countries including Poland. TBS argues that wearing a uniform makes us identify with our school, while what it does is alienate us and make us stand out from our peers in other schools, who are given the freedom of expression and allowed to wear their own clothes.

While this is not a petition for the removal of school uniforms, it’s one for the introduction of a more non-descript and humane uniform, that allows us as student to work in a comfortable environment and encourage us to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

This petition is not affiliated in any way with the Student Leadership Team.