Farms are not what we think they are...

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Food plays a huge role in our lives. 

You may not think about it, but most of the foods we eat contain some portion of milk inside, whether it is ice cream, milkshakes, butter etc. (dairy products)

As well as what we eat. Most of you might enjoy eating your steak with your pepper and salt. What some of us never think about is how these farms work, and how we actually get our foods and drinks. 

When you think about the word "dairy", what first pops in your head?

Probably your favourite foods perhaps.

Believe it or not, dairy farming has a huge impact on pollution. 

 "Dismissive practices by large farms actively harm the environment. For instance, according to the NRDC, “When Hurricane Floyd hit North Carolina in 1999, at least five manure lagoons burst and approximately 47 lagoons were completely flooded.” This pushed the manure into nearby waterways, killing vegetation and animals in the area. Furthermore, as Monbiot’s experience shows, algal blooms and sewage fungus overrun waterways, killing aquatic life."

  This harms so many sea animals who depend on water to live.

   Most of the foods we consume are from animals. Steak as an example once again. If we all eat just a little less than we do now, maybe the life of cows, our environment, and even sea creatures will be saved.