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Permit hats at the ANHS winter formal

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For five hundred years, hats have always been the center of style and class. A variety of gentlemen wear hats to the official ball to give them a secular, wordly, sophisticated and sophisticated look. Here are some famous people wearing hats:

Abraham Lincoln

Alice in Wonderland and Alice in Wonderland 2 and Tim Burton reboot the Wonderland and Mad Hatter trilogy

As you can see, many very sophisticated people wear hats sometime in their lives. If these people are allowed to wear hats, why not allow aliso niguel students?

Here are some interesting facts about hats because they are so hot that they make them very appealing to young people today and they are very hip AND hop !!!

Why do we say "mad as a hatter"?
(The process of making felts involves toxic mercury, making the hat-maker crazy

Who is the first person to wear fedoration?
(19th century actress Sarah Bernhardt) portrays "Fedora" characters in unique hats.)

As we have seen, hats are very sophisticated and wordlyEnglish is the only language

So we can see the hats are very complicated and monotonous and there is for no reason why the aliso students should not be allowed to wear balls in the winter. if you suppress the hats u suppress the sophistication and aliso should be seen as a sophisticated school ya get me

But what is a hat? This is the definition of my friend mariam Wenster

Hat definition
1: The head covering usually has shaped crowns and edges
2a: Wearing a unique hood as a symbol of the office
b: wearing a special hat, a hat or a hat office, position or role
 - No hat
 Hit \ hat-ləs \ adjectives
Wearing a hat: Did not reveal the news under his hat

Therefore, we can see that this hat is very cunning and simple. It is not illegal to wear a hat all over the world in the United States. Why is it illegal to wear a hat? Winter in the big winter ball, which is really repressed class, because the hat is very complicated, it inhibits a student's maturity. My disappointment can be reduced to an acronym


Impossible to wear

More hats







protein shake


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