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Petitioning Aliso Niguel High School Staff Christopher Carter and 3 others

Aliso Niguel High School: Ban the usage of TEXT-A-TIP OR revise it with us the students.

To stop the usage of this hotline at my school, so students at this school would stop getting falsely accused by bullies kept confidential. This organization at my school allows you to text them about any conflicts at school. For instance, my friend the other day was texted about to the administrator that she had illegal substances on her. This claim was false and she had to deal with conflict that could have been avoided. On top of that she now has a rift between her parents and her friends. This system meant to protect people does the exact opposite by ruining people's reputation and more importantly their life. In addition, the corrupt system takes full action to any texts they receive even if the accusation is false. If the accusation is false like I said above the texter remains confidential and no punishment is given. In fact an award is given to them, the satisfaction of knowing they can bully with out getting any consequences.
Furthermore, please help me, my friends, and the other students of Aliso Niguel High School.

Letter to
Aliso Niguel High School Staff Christopher Carter
Aliso Niguel High School Staff Heidi Crowley
Aliso Niguel High School Staff T.J. Maxwell
and 1 other
Aliso Niguel High School Staff Brian Brosamer
Ban the usage of TEXT-A-TIP OR revise it with us the students.