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Shot to death and dumped deemed not cruelty by Mason County, Wa authorities.

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On January 1st 2018 two dogs were found shot to death on the side of the road in Shelton Washington. Mason county sheriffs dept was called that day and also daily by multiple concerned citizens wanting an investigation done to find out who and why someone would do something so cruel? After the dogs had sat dead on the side of the road for a week a private citizen went to check the dogs for microchips, but no chips were found. I myself placed a call to Mason County Sheriff Dept to inquire about what could be be done and what was being done? I asked about havig the dogs picked up for necropsy and was asked why? I stated to remove the bullets used to kill them. I was asked why again and explained that a cruelty investigation needed to happen, but was cut off by the officer who told me that both dogs were shot in the head twice and did not suffer which meant it was not cruelty. This is not correct though as the pictures clearly show that the dogs were not just shot in the head which means they truly did suffer. At this point I asked the officer, so it is legal to shoot your animals within city limits and dump them on the side of the road? I was told that it is the cheaper method, the bodies were probably dumped and he wanted to drag the bodies further into the woods to let nature take its course. I and member's of the public are not okay with the sheriffs dept over looking animal cruelty and want all cases of cruelty thoroughly investigated!

Myself and another member of the public reached out to Pasados Safe Haven who at times investigates animal cruelty and was told:

So sorry you had to see this-we know it can be very difficult to witness. It is very important to report when you believe animal cruelty may be involved, and we do appreciate that you and others brought this case to our attention, as well as it was reported to law enforcement. We have been in communication with Mason County Sheriff's office, an investigation has been done on this case, and we feel that Mason County is doing what they can. We are in contact with the investigationg deputy, and we have offered resources and support. If any additional information is obtained, we will support them in anyway we can. We hope that someone will soon report these dogs missing so that we can learn more.

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