Ban foreign buyers from leasing out properties, so Canadians can afford to buy first home.

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With the influx of foreigners investing in properties in the GTA, which began roughly 8 years ago, it drove our real estate through the roof. As new families, new couples, and the new generation in general are looking to buy their first home, it is a simple and shattering impossibility. First time home buyers simply do not exist in this market. We are forced to rent the properties that should have been OUR homes (had they not been inflated by the foreign investments/money laundering), from these foreign landlords that make it impossible to even rent. 

We want change for the young Canadians that deserve a good start in life, our Government owes us that. Young Canadians have the right to afford to buy their first home. The only solution to this unfairness is to pass a law banning foreigners, that invested in the Canadian real estate, to lease out their properties to Canadian citizens. They will then have to sell their home, regulating the market influx, and allowing first time home buyers to buy their first home.

The goal is so come together, take advantage of our democratic rights as Canadian citizens, and bring forth change that will alter our generation's quality of life, and for future generations to come!