aliens exist

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The universe is infinite. The possibilities are endless. We don't even realise, but it’s so huge it’s literally out of our capacity to even fathom. And for people to think we are the only living beings in it’s entirety is stupid. Aliens could be living amongst us right now, observing our every moves. and it’s pretty obvious that the government know far more than they are letting on.

That’s why I’m calling for all available documentation and evidence regarding alien contact to be released. In other words, show us the f***ing aliens. We know you're hiding them. For years, it’s been obvious that the government has information proving the existence of other intelligence beings in the universe and the fact they've been visiting Earth, but have been neglecting our rights to know.  Maybe they think we’re at risk and are heroes for preventing a mass panic or a doomsday advocacy, but they're wrong. By declassifying this information, they’ll make the rest of the world realise the revolution that aliens are real and among us, and to stop being scared.

It’s time for the government to finally admit what they've been hiding for years. As a society, we have a right to know.

#FreeTheAliens #ETphoneHome

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