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Continue To Receive Eye Care From Licensed Professionals!

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    I am currently a licensed Optician in N.C and refuse to sit idle while individuals with corrupt motives attempt do away with my profession and livelihood while putting the public at risk!

     As an optician I work in an ophthalmology office and assist people with all things pertaining to their contacts and glasses.  I analyze prescriptions from the Doctor and fit people with contacts based on corneal measurements, visual needs and other contributing factors.  I also train patients who are trying contacts for the first time how to safely insert and remove them.  I spend a fair amount of my day educating people on options available for glasses (lens types, materials, coatings etc) and helping them decide what is best for them based on their prescription, best corrected vision and visual needs. My goal is to achieve optimal vision for every patient and I truly take pride in doing so.

      For 66 years In the state of North Carolina there has been a law stating at least one LICENSED optician must be present in any open optical shop.  The intentions of this law was to ensure there is an educated, certified and competent professional assisting patients with all their optical needs.  To assure public safety and quality of care (for these MEDICAL necessities) prospective licensed opticians are required to complete a degree of Applied Science in Opticianry as well as pass a comprehensive state exam and complete hours of on the job training.   All licensed  persons as well as the licensing exams are overseen by the state board of Opticians.   

     In recent years, there have been powerful businesses and financial institutions pushing to shut down the NC State board of Opticians which will subsequently put an end to licensed opticians in our state!  These initiatives are made by people who have MONEY as their incentive and complete disregard for public safety!

     Please take a second to sign my petition to keep our state licensing board!       




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