#FreeChin from ICE Detention

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The undersigned members of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) organizations across the U.S. are writing to demand that you grant Yuen Tsui request for parole.

Yuen Tsui, or Chin, is part of our community and we are ready to love and support him when he is free. Chin has been in solitary for over 12 months because of his gender identity.  You are claiming that Chin needs to be in solitary for his own safety. Solitary is never safe. You have no way to safely detain transpeople so we are demanding that you release Chin. He has a community of people who are ready to house him, support him to get to court dates, and find him work. Our QTPOC community can keep Chin safe.

You have the power to grant Chin parole. Release Chin to us