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Justice or injustice for a non-violent offender incarcerated already 19 years and counting on a 30 year mandatory minimum sentence????? PLEASE HELP US SEEK CLEMENCY  FOR YOLANDA DEAN AFTER THREE PREVIOUSLY FAILED REQUESTS FOR COMMUTATION! 

Yolanda Dean's Story In Her Own Words:

I've been incarcerated since I was 28 years old originating since October of 1997, and I'm currently still incarcerated at present age of 47 years of age.  I'm a dedicated mother of four children and even in-spite of my incarceration I make it a point to unequivocally remain apart of all of their lives even from opposite sides of the wall no matter the challenges it may present. When I was sentenced for my involvement of my crimes my children were ages: 5, 5, 7, and 8 years old. Fast forward nearly 20 years later here in October of 2016, I'm currently 47 years old and my children are currently ages: 24, 24, 26, and 27. A brief but in-depth synopsis of my testimony regarding the events leading to my present day incarceration is as follows: In 1997 I was indicted by the United States Federal Government for Conspiracy with Intent to Distribute Crack and Powder Cocaine. In addition to myself 21 other co-conspirators were charged with the same offense. Out of the 20 non-violent offenders including myself, only two defendants were charged with violent crimes in which I had NO involvement or exhibited any complicit or abetting role/behavior in their conviction for their violent crimes. 

Upon the conclusion of our trial and in prior petition and in agreement of my defense attorney for my role in the overall Federal Charges, he concurred that my case should have been separated from my co-defendants cases given the nature and specific involvement of my participation in the indictment of total charges relating to this conviction. However, I received upon completion of the trial The Mandatory Minimum Sentence of 30 years of incarceration primarily due to the amount of controlled substances charged with, and the false inaccuracies of my involvement by false testimony given by that of my co-conspirators in efforts of them seeking/receiving leniency for their co-operation with The United States Federal Government Prosecutors. Nonetheless, I in any way, shape, form or fashion never deny being associated and/or implicated with the charge of "Conspiracy With Intent to Distribute and/or Distribute Crack and Powder Cocaine"; however, that is my ONLY role in the originating Federal Indictment and NOT additional allegations as some of my co-conspirators have falsely accused me of committing. During the course of the trial many of my co-defendants were facing lengthy sentences such as myself for our role in the charges; however, unlike many of my co-defendants I took responsibility for my role but many plea bargained with Federal Prosecutors and consequently as a result of their pleas I was falsely implicated as one of the "major players" of the operation. However, regardless of the erroneous testimony allocated towards me at the time in which I wholeheartedly disputed then and continue to refute to this very day I was given an unfair sentence for my direct involvement in the case.

Consequently as a direct result of my co-defendants testimonies The United States Government charged me with the fictitious amount(s) of 150 kilograms or more of Powder Cocaine, and 1.5 kilograms or more of Crack Cocaine in which given my direct involvement I could never reasonably acquire as this was exorbitantly beyond my personal minuscule profit margin and/or resources! Nonetheless, court records additionally authenticate that the massive quantities of narcotics I was charged with were never found, confiscated, or recovered at ANY time through-out the prosecution of our case and was solely hearsay testimony by that of my numerous co-defendants. Furthermore, as a direct result of me not conspiring to falsely implicate any of my co-defendants in the genesis of our trial, I was not afforded the later option by the U.S. Government to plea bargain as many of my co-conspirators had been previously granted and was forced to subject my fate for my involvement by trial.

As a result of me telling the TRUTH of my personal involvement in the case and NOT falsely implicating others in my testimony to The Federal Government, with no intent of falsely sacrificing others to save myself I was charged equally with the only two violent co-defendants in my case as I couldn't provide The U.S. Government with any incriminating information against them as I had NO KNOWLEDGE of their additional crimes and had ZERO involvement on ANY level of the magnitude of their crimes! My ONLY crime is making the unfortunate decision of agreeing to help the two violent-offenders and my co-conspirator non-violent offenders in the sale and distribution of Crack and Powder Cocaine. I take full responsibility for my involvement in the operation, and as a result of my sincere contrition then and now I accepted my fate for my fair and equal role in the operation. However, I feel the government is unfairly and with-out just proven merit holding me equally responsible and guilty by association for additional crimes that my two violent co-defendants were convicted of and I had NO knowledge and/or participation in committing! 

Presently today my 19 other non-violent co-defendants I was charged/sentenced with are ALL released and have reintegrated back into society. Why you may ask? In all honesty some of them maliciously lied about their role/involvement fabricating testimony in efforts of receiving potential leniency in terms of sentencing by The U.S. Federal Government, as opposed to receiving a 30 year sentence as myself or a 50 years to life sentence as my other two convicted violent co-defendants. However, TRUTH to the matter is that I along with my 21 other non-violent offenders were guilty of the same offence: Conspiracy With Intent to Distribute An Illegal Controlled Substance.

I was born and raised in Southern California, I sold drugs in Minnesota with my co-defendants and at the time of my crimes they all resided in Minnesota. I've filed for clemency three prior times in 2007, 2010 and 2016 and ALL motions to date have been denied due to the inaccurate implication and personal involvement/responsibility of my case. I feel as if I'm continuing to be unfairly linked to my fellow two co-defendants for their violent crimes convictions and unfairly allocated as a false "king-pin" of exorbitant quantities of narcotics I honestly did not have the means to obtain or facilitate. I've made a past grave mistake in life regarding this situation; however, all my co-defendants are FREE! My crime was the same as theirs!!!!! Please help me seek clemency through the signature of my petition so that I may be re-united with my kids and start paying my restitution to society on the other side of this wall in assisting/mentoring children/teens who may possibly take the incorrect path that I once took! Closing points: My incrimination was primarily based upon co-defendant testimony and hearsay evidence, and much less stated amounts of narcotics I was guilty of being in connection with. The United States Government found no drugs, money, cars, houses, etc on me; just other people's testimony that I was distributing within my limited role. Thank you for your time reading my account and testimony of events regarding my life and case. I ask that you please sign my petition so that I may begin repaying society in a much more beneficial manner on the other side of this fence/wall. 19 years.......I have MUCH knowledge and wisdom to share with the world in efforts of preventing people in coming to prison. Thank you for your time and God Bless!


Yolanda Dean

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