Changing Todd Mall to Shared Pedestrian/Bike Zone

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Dear Alice Springs Town Council,

Alice Springs is a vibrant meeting place full of colour and visitors from all over the world.

Over recent years it has been great to see Alice Springs develop a reputation as a great place for cyclists and cycling activities; whether it is cycling to work, exploring nearby mountain-bike trails or supporting world class cycling events. It adds another new and exciting dimension to our town.

However, in Alice Springs there is resistance to making the town's CBD centre, the Todd Mall, a shared bike and pedestrian zone.

People biking helps build safer, healthier, more liveable cities, that are easier and cheaper to get around. Across Australia and the world, from major cities to regional towns, there are shared pedestrian and bike zones that operate effectively and add to the vibrancy of the community.

For a long time the issue has been debated in the community and indeed the Alice Springs Town Council's most recent surveys have shown 70% support in the community for making the Todd Mall a shared zone.

In many peoples minds it no longer makes sense to fine people for cycling in the Todd Mall.


It is time to take the next step in the evolution of Alice Springs as a bike-friendly town:

By-Law 53 should be reviewed and amended to facilitate the shared use of Todd Mall by pedestrians and cyclists.


Alice Springs Residents and Bike Lovers.


#toddmallsharedzone #vibrantalice

For any enquiries please contact petition spokesperson Rodney Angelo.