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This petition is part of a joint campaign by Action for our Planet (AFOP) and Friends for Seals.

Every year Canada and Namibia ruthlessly club, skin and bludgeon hundreds of thousands of baby seals. These seals are often younger than three months old and are torn away from their mothers to be made into coats and so called health supplements.

Global e-commerce company, features both seal oil and seal fur on it’s website listings. These products are available to purchase from a variety of different Chinese suppliers. Over a month ago, Action for our Planet (AFOP) submitted a complaint with the company and let them know the brutality of seal hunting. Since then they continue to stock seal products despite knowing the cruelty involved. Seals are being sold as anti-fatigue supplements, sex supplements, garment accessories and healthcare supplies. Please ask the company to stop selling all seal products. 


Learn more about the Canadian Seal hunt: 

Friends for Seals:


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Your website features seal fur and oil products from both Namibia and Canada. Every year hundreds of thousands of baby seals are killed in some of the most brutal ways imaginable.

Sealers often rush the slaughter process so they can quickly move on to the next seal and get as many pelts as possible. The killing process is often conducted hurriedly thus inflicting more suffering on the seals. Many seals are clubbed repeatedly using pickaxes and clubs with metal spikes attached to them, they are then skinned alive. Some seals have their skulls bashed in and others have hooks forced into their eyes, mouths and bodies after which they are dragged across the ice and killed. All of these slaughter methods are far from humane and leave the seals in agonizing pain. The Namibian seal hunt is said to be the world’s most brutal hunt, a hunt so brutal that seal pups vomit their own mothers milk in sheer terror.

Here is a video of seals being clubbed to death and skinned alive. I ask that you watch the video and educate yourself on the cruelty of the Namibian seal hunt:

I request that you stop selling all seal products which includes both seal fur, seal oil and any supplements containing seal. Please show some compassion and join countless other companies that choose not to stock seal products.

Thank you for your time.

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