Statement of Protest At India’s Submission to US imposed Sanctions on Iran

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Statement of Protest at India’s submission to US imposed sanctions on Iran

A year has passed since the United States after unilaterally exiting from the multi national nuclear agreement with Iran, approved by the United Nations, has imposed unilateral ‘sanctions’ on Iran, with the aim of reducing Iranian oil exports to zero from the beginning of the present month of May. It has also imposed sanctions on other Iranian exports as well.

These ‘sanctions’ are unilateral and their imposition on other nations who wish to continue to trade with Iran is contrary to all recognised canons of international law. Moreover, it is clear that under the pretence of thwarting Iran, the United States is trying to control world petroleum supply for its own benefit and as a lever of dominance over the other countries.

That India should have in effect fully cooperated in the entire episode with the United States is a matter of grave concern. Our cultural ties with Iran go back to ancient times,and the common struggle against British colonialism bind the peoples of our two countries in a shared heritage. The Government of India’s recent statements indicate, however, that it is willing to cooperate fully with the United States in the expectation that the latter would help it to find substitute sources of oil. Even the older position that India does not recognise any sanctions other than those imposed by the United Nations has been silently abandoned. We now know that far from being unaligned, we are today firmly in the U.S. camp.

As social scientists concerned with fairplay in International relations and faithful to India’s own long-term interests, we urge all our fellow citizens to join us in demanding that India should stand up to the United States’illegal sanctions, strengthen our relations with Iran and continue to import oil from Iran on the basis purely of competitive prices.