Open Letter to the Women of Oregon: We Can't Trust Him

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Dear Women of Oregon, 

The stakes were raised this week when Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement. The threats we feared in the back of our minds, the worst case scenario we talked about with our girlfriends and families in the days after November 8, 2016, suddenly became real and immediate. That fear in the pit of our stomachs. That’s all real now.

Be forewarned, Women of Oregon: Republican candidate Knute Buehler will say things that sound nice. But after this week, words just are not enough. 

When given the chance, Knute Buehler was willing to gamble with our rights. To turn his back on the values so many of us hold dear. 

Knute has given a lot of reasons for why he voted no on the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which enshrined Roe v. Wade into Oregon law. And we’re sure his polished campaign will come up with new excuses that sound even better. But the bottom line is, when given the chance to stand with women, to protect our right to safe, legal abortion in the strongest way possible, Knute Buehler chose to roll the dice. 

He chose to vote no, denying that access to abortion is under threat. He voted no and put our future in the hands of Donald Trump. He said Roe v. Wade was settled law. You see, he has the privilege to hope, the privilege to assume. 

As of June 27, 2018, all women in this country -- including women of color, undocumented women, our transgender community members -- no longer have the privilege to hope or assume. We are now facing the reality that our rights could easily and quickly be taken away by the vote of a Supreme Court stacked with Trump nominees from the far right. What does this mean? We are on the precipice of losing our agency, our economic freedom, and losing control over decisions we make about our own bodies. We simply cannot allow our daughters and granddaughters to have fewer rights than we do. 

Women of Oregon: It's time to take a stand. It's time to vote with our values. It's time to say no to Knute Buehler. 


Senator Elect, Shemia Fagan

State Representative, Barbara Smith Warner

Metro Council President Elect, Lynn Peterson

Multnomah County Commissioner, Jessica Vega Pederson

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