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The whatsapp quizzing world is corrupted. Compromised from top to bottom. Change is needed- and change starts with us... YOU. 

Recent events have brought to light an inhumane act in the form of a pro-racism quiz tournament. Who's at the forefront of it? Who's leading the Nazi lines? Who hates the queen? It's our very own Ramshad.

Now although this comes as a shock to most of you, I for one wasn't shook. I could sense the toxic smog creeping into our beautiful whatsapp world for years now. Slowly and steadily smearing the brains of once respected quizzers. It has targeted the top, and it will filter down to everyone until nothing is left of our morals and ethics.

This is where I ask you, my dear friends, to stand up and FIGHT. Fight for our rights. Fight for equality. Fight for the dream that one day, people will not be judged by the colour of their skin or the code of their country, but be judged from the nature of their heart, and the kindness of their soul.

I understand this won't happen overnight, but think of a world where your kids can wake up and frolic in a whatsapp quiz knowing they're not surrounded by hatred and discrimination.

Sign this petition, and whilst doing it... look to your side and ask yourself whether you really know that person. I didn't know Ramshad and now I'm made to pay.

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