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Anita Kanitz
2 weeks ago
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
― Desmond Tutu

Did you know that bullying will usually stop in minutes if a bystander or friend steps up and takes action to support the person being bullied? Bystanders can stop bullying in its tracks.
When you see a bullying situation, it can be really scary to step up and help the person being bullied. But bystanders can be either part of the bullying problem, by ignoring it, or an important part of the solution. Here are some quick and simple steps you can take as a bystander to help stop bullying:
Don't stand by and watch or encourage bullying. If you’re feeling safe and you’ve got someone to back you up, step in and tell the bully to stop and that it’s not okay. Don't harass, tease or spread gossip about the bullying situation – sometimes this can escalate it and make it worse. This includes on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Support the person who is being bullied to ask for help; for example, go with them to get help, or provide them with information about where help is available. If the bullying is happening online, help them block the person who is bullying them. Report the bullying to someone in authority or someone you trust – for example, to a teacher or a school counsellor, if it's taking place at school, or to a manager, if it’s at work. If the bullying is serious, report it to the police.

Being a bystander of bullying, you can step up, speak up and help stop bullying.

Especially bad at bullying is that the friends, family and close people are deceived by the mobbers and their supporters. It is often claimed by schools that there is no bullying at their school, simply because principals and teachers are also bullying. So people pretend to be friends or girlfriends of the victim to learn all about the victim and then finally destroy it. Some so-called friends and girlfriends of the victim then lure the victim even in traps that often end with the suicide of the victim.

When bullied students band together, the bullies try to destroy that alliance, usually with success, by promising some bullied students to join them in their circle of friends. These are also traps, because if once a bullying victim is destroyed, the next comes. Obviously, the bullies are not interested in getting bullied students into their circle, they just want to destroy one victim after another. The treachery among mobbing victims is still great, because there are many illusions and some bullied think they are one of circle of bullies and have now friends, when they betray another victim. Mobbers love the betrayal but not the traitors. Especially among girls, treachery of bullying victims and trapping, which often ends in physical and sexual violence, is widespread.

A now-dead girlfriend told me about how she and a female classmate got into such a trap. By allegedly female best friends in class, my girlfriend was lured to an alleged party and in a vicious trap. Arriving at the home of an alleged girlfriend, she faced a gang of young men who offered her the choice of either giving everyone a blowjob and being filmed or tied up and to be raped by all and also filmed. In her distress, my girlfriend was in agreement with the blowjobs, while the treacherous girl filmed everything. Another female classmate of her was even got in a worse situation. She was lured by a alleged girlfriend on a student toilet, raped in groups there and scratched the initials of rapists in the cheeks. The girl left school with a nervous breakdown.

So much for allegedly best friends, who are often the worst enemies and bullies.

And if you think women and girls are not such bad bullies, that's a fatal mistake.

This experience was made by my husband and my brother. My husband was as little child for a short time at a convent school where nuns were incredibly mobbing, terrorizing and abusing children. Then, as a freshman in a primary school, he was so bullied and beaten by a group of girls because he was the youngest and most little student that he came to another class.

My brother had the same problem as the smallest and youngest elementary school student, he was beaten and bullied here by a girl gang and thery destroyed his school supplies too, so he was glad to come to another school after we moved.

My son was cruel bullied, beaten and slandered at a big school. in Stuttgart.Property damage and private and school theft occurred. The worst bullies were the first principal, Mr. Hagen, then his successor Mr. Röhrig and his deputy Ms. Klass, the class teachers Mr. Barthel and Ms. Weidel, formerly Schmidt, then his classmates Lennart Löscher, Lukas Schmidt, Behar Hasanaj, Oleksandr Lapidus, Kevin Westenhöfer , Marco Schwarz, Marco Seifert, Philipp Reckerth. The parents mobbed, terrorized and defamed diligently. Due to the massive bullying, my son dropped out of school and took his final exam elsewhere. Even after leaving school, the family continued to be terrorized by bullies in the district for many years. Today he works in a well-paying IT job, in his other school and also in his IT training he was the best. From my point of view, the only thing that helps in such cases is a change of school, you cannot argue with bullies. In this school it was said that there is no bullying, there are only students and parents who cannot submit and cannot shut up. My son was one of many victims, it is not surprising that his school friends were bullied out of this school before him. When students testified the bullying of our son in front of teachers and principal, they were portrayed as chronic liars and slanderers of the school. At this level you should not discuss with such people, but always call in the police and lawyers in the event of serious damage to property and bodily harm, in our case there were friends of the Rector at the police station, for this reason all but one of our reports were not accepted.

I was bullied at the workplace in an heinous kind (I was brutally bullied by my female boss, Ms. Wild, during my first training position at the telecommunications office in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, and sexually harassed by all of her male professional friends. She hated young girls and called them worthless sluts every day. I was one of many victims back then. That led to my quitting my civil servant training after three years and then successfully completing an apprenticeship as a publishing clerk without all these problems. And I met the second female bullies boss, Ms. Jückstock, at my union employer in Stuttgart, the largest union in Germany.She loved bullying mothers and severely disabled female employees on a daily basis. Here, too, I was one of many victims of bullying. I withdrew from it all through an early retirement, I would rather travel and enjoy my life than be bullied by vicious superiors) and was also stalked privately and on the Internet by my ex-tenant Adis Fazlic, at that time in Stuttgart, then he moved, so he told my husband to Melbourne, Australia). I always got anonymous rape or death threats or messages of love and best sex offers, somehow the guy couldn't make up his mind at first, later there were only threats !
I was private a victim of gang stalking, online harrassment, identy theft, online slandering, hacking attacks, death and rape threats, telephone terror and damages of property, sexual deep fakes and witch hunts on the interent by him and his female and male friends.

Hate crimes online, rape and death threats, sexual and professional deepfakes, defamation, cyberbullying and cyberstalking online, revenge porn, rape and sexual torture videos, all crimes that are predominantly directed against women, girls and female children are largely unpunished. All of the alleged complaints offices that I personally contacted together with women's organizations were not in the least interested in it and that really gives me food for thought. Because even the governments are not interested in it, which is why the perpetrators can let off steam around the world and destroy the lives of women and girls.
I wish these perpetrators that one day they will receive the worst possible punishment on earth, I pray for this every day. Because it cannot go on like this. The whole thing leads to a worldwide sexual femicide, only nobody wants to see it, even the so-called feminists are mostly silent about it worldwide and that is a goddamn mistake!

No one helped us, no one has done anything. All administrative receiver points have failed. In the case of my son teachers, school management, administrative terms, parents' council, lawyers, legal, in my case superiors, personnel office, works and stalking counseling centers.

This is a social indictment and has to change!

The safety of victims of bullying must always come first. Unfortunately, I have to say that it is always best to leave schools, universities and workplaces where bossing, bullying, sexual harassment, sexual hate language prevail. With these people you cannot come up with a sensible solution, because they are part of the crime and do not want to change anything, they just want to silence the victims of bullying and sex crimes and their relatives and supporters. And with all unfair, also illegal possibilities they can do!

No place to bullies and stalkers in this world, do not support these psychopaths and sociopaths. Today, we have to change that, and the survivors of these crimes must get all legal and socially support that is possible.

After having stood up for victims of violence, crime, war, torture, hatred, bullying, contempt for women for so long, I wish all perpetrators the deepest darkest place in hell and the life and death their crimes deserve. This also applies to all of the cases I have described. As long as people participate in these crimes or look the other way, nothing will change in the future. It's not just a question of courage, it's a question of humanity and character. And too many people, as I have experienced, have neither one nor the other!

Together we can create a better world, if we only want to do it.

Bullied to suicide, sad cases:

Dawn-Marie Wesley (1986–2000), age 14, Canadian high school student who died of suicide by hanging due to bullying. She was a student who committed suicide, after allegedly experiencing a cycle of bullying by psychological abuse and verbal threats from three female bullies at her high school. She left behind a note to her family that referred to the bullying to which she had been subjected: "If I try to get help, it will get worse. They are always looking for a new person to beat up and these are the toughest girls. If I ratted, they would get expelled from school and there would be no stopping them. I love you all so much." She committed suicide by hanging herself with her dog's leash in her bedroom.

Nicola Ann Raphael (1985–2001), age 15, Lenzie Academy high school student, Scotland, who died by suicide via an overdose of Coproxamol due to bullying. Information requested for later legal action found that the bullying allegations went back over three years: "Internal papers just released reveal that 15-year-old Nicola Raphael, who took an overdose in 2001 after being tormented over her gothic appearance, had complained to teachers about alleged bullying long before she died ... the document shows staff clearly knew the youngster, whose suicide shocked the nation, had felt under threat of physical attack but did not inform her parents."

Ryan Halligan (1989–2003), age 13, was an American student from Essex Junction, Vermont, who died by suicide at the age of 13 after allegedly being bullied by his classmates in person and online. According to the Associated Press, Halligan was allegedly repeatedly sent homophobic instant messages, and was "threatened, taunted and insulted incessantly". Halligan's case has been cited by legislators in various states proposing legislation to curb cyber-bullying.In Vermont, laws were subsequently enacted to address the cyberbullying problem and the risk of teen suicides, in response. In 2008, his suicide and its causes were examined in a segment of the PBS Frontline television program entitled "Growing Up Online." His suicide has also been referenced in many other news stories on bullying.

Megan Meier (1992–2006), age 13, was an American teenager from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, who died of suicide by hanging three weeks before her fourteenth birthday. A year later, Meier's parents prompted an investigation into the matter and her suicide was attributed to cyber-bullying through the social networking website MySpace. Allegedly, individuals intended to use Meier's messages to get information about her and later humiliate her.

Rehtaeh Parsons (1995–2013), age 17, a former Cole Harbour District High School student, attempted suicide by hanging on April 4, 2013, at her home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, leading to a coma and the decision to switch her life support machine off at Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre on April 7, 2013. Her death has been attributed to online distribution of photos of an alleged gang rape that occurred 17 months prior to her suicide, in November 2011.On a Facebook page set up in tribute to her daughter, Parsons' mother blamed the four boys who allegedly raped and released images of her, the subsequent constant "bullying and messaging and harassment," and the failure of the Canadian justice system, for her daughter's decision to commit suicide.

Brodie Panlock (1987–2006), age 19, was an Australian waitress from Melbourne who died after jumping from a multilevel carpark in Hawthorn. Her suicide was attributed to serious workplace bullying at the cafe where she worked. Her parents successfully lobbied the Victorian Government to amend the Crimes Act 1958 to include serious bullying as a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.

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Jessica Febbo
Nov 5, 2020
Fuck yea

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Upul Gam
Sep 5, 2020
We support

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Maebel Belanger
Aug 20, 2020
I believe this needs to be done all over the world

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Sophia Egerton
Aug 2, 2020
Schools need to be progressive places for youth. There is no room for old rules and homophobics.

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Ruby Watts
1 year ago
im signing because i am a middle school learner and our school still hasnt taught us how to.... y'know.... do that stuff with the other gender.

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Lyndal Luttrell
1 year ago
My 7 year old sons gay

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cooper balcombe
1 year ago
i'm signing because..... i gay

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Ze Muir
1 year ago
I've never heard of this school neither do I go here but when I was in school I wished for this to happen for me and my surrounding peers whom' were lgbtq+

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keleis andre
1 year ago
I'm in turkey have an lgbt repot us to our country iran