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Fire Alexis Ohanian

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Alexis Ohanian along with Ellen Pao had recently made dubious business choices which harmed Reddit and its community. 

Alexis has as much fault to carry as Ellen regarding the recent declines. 

This petition calls for his resignation from the board and Reddit administration


Jul 14, 2015 -- "Bastion of free speech"

"Neither Alexis nor I created reddit to be a bastion of free speech" - Steve Huffman 07-14-2015
As you all know, Reddit has a new CEO: Steve Huffman. He's a familiar face. Ten years ago, when Alexis and Steve founded Reddit, they had big dreams. So big, that they were quoted in Forbes: "A bastion of free speech on the World Wide Web? I bet they would like it[...]" - Alexis Ohanian 2012
Look how quick dreams can change. In just 3 years, our Reddit founders had already forgotten the original vision. Today, they will say everything and anything their PR team puts together to keep their juicy corporate gigs. Look Steve, Alexis, your noble cause appeal from Marketing 101 isn't fooling anybody. Steve had made big and ambiguous promises since his entrance, like a professional politician. Hey, if you're not really promising anything concrete, no one can blame you later, right?

Reddit is plagued with censorship hiding behind this wall called "safe space", a term coined by Ellen Pao. Speaking of Ellen, she had resigned due to "conflicting visions with board members". The real reason for this resignation, as everyone already knows, is the firing of Victoria. Except Ellen Pao did not fire Victoria. That honor belongs to Alexis. As details unfold, it is clearer each day that Ellen was merely a scapegoat.


Jul 7, 2015 — "Popcorn tastes good"
That was Alexis's response to the community's outrage following Victoria's firing and legitimate moderator's concerns over workload. Since then, he had apologized for his poor taste comments, as if we need any more apologies and promises. And to be honest, I bet tree fiddy that he only apologized because of the additional outrage his response had caused.

Yesterday, Ellen issued a public statement (and more apologies), claiming inability to change past mistakes. Since she's already on another petition, I'll leave her out of this discussion. Ellen can claim that she's new, that this is all unfamiliar to her, but what's Alexis's excuse? He had been with Reddit for many years, he's a co-founder. If he's not aware of the current community concerns by now, he needs to go. Best case scenario: he's lazy. Worst case scenario: Ellen is mere straw target for the mob to burn and Alexis is the face behind all those bad decisions.


"As you know, hundreds of subreddits protested after an announcement was made by /u/karmanaut that /u/chooter (Victoria) was let go from her position at Reddit. This decision was made by Alexis. The Reddit administration team gave no warning to several subreddits that heavily relied on her in order to operate smoothly. This tossed those subreddits into chaos and soon hundreds of subreddits went into protest by making their communities private. Reddit erupted into chaos which made the news in hundreds of countries all around the world.

Alexis Ohanian (/u/kn0thing) and Ellen Pao (/u/ekjp) issued several apologies via comments and news outlets. Along with their apologies were, again, empty promises to improve their communication with the community and provide tools for the moderators as they have promised to do so years ago. As of right now they have NOT issued an apology in a site-wide announcement or blog post. It is sad that they have resorted to the news rather than addressing us, their consumers.

Please keep spreading, promoting, and supporting this petition.

We will not stop until we see action taken."

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