Approve Maghrib Adan in outdoor speaker system in Brosssrd till end of Ramadan

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Muslims of Brossard are going through stressful times. The COVID pandemic is complicated by the fact that they are deprived of going to the mosques to celebrate Ramadan, their holy month. This impacts their mental well-being and amplifies their social isolation, anxiety and distress. 
Approving the Maghrib adhan in the outdoor speakers is a kind gesture of support and solidarity to Brossard Muslims. 
Politicians and community leaders in Mississauga, Gatineau, Ottawa and Edmonton have done the same to their Muslim citizens and Brossard Muslims would like to join them in celebrating the left 2 weeks of Ramadan.

listening to the Maghrib Adan signals permission to break fast and fosters community care, concern and solidarity and supports those going through mental health issues due to loss of employment, education opportunities, support and most importantly  loved ones to the COVID-19 pandemic.