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Imagine you’re living in a “round” house for over 30 years. Your parents have passed away and now you are living in it with your children. Then one day, your neighborhood started to change. New people were tearing down the “round” homes and building “square” homes. One day you get a letter that says the neighborhood association doesn’t like your “round” home because it doesn’t fit their image of the neighborhood; that it doesn’t comply with their “square” homes; that it’s bringing their property values down. They are not giving you a choice. They are simply saying you must move out in 4 years because you have lived there enough. You have no choice in the matter because the City has passed a legislation that says this action is legal. So without any compensation, you have 4 years to go earn enough money to buy a new home. You are not allowed to sell your current home because they are simply taking it away from you.

It sounds unbelievable and there is no way this could happen in this country, right? Wrong. This is exactly what is happening to small, local, family-owned businesses on Cheshire Bridge Rd.

Atlanta City Councilman Alex Wan and his supporters in the NPU-F are proposing a legislation that will do away with the "grandfather clause" which will close down numerous businesses on Cheshire Bridge Rd. Although businesses, such as Kong's Body Shop, have been a fixture on Cheshire Bridge Road for over 27 years, councilman Wan and NPU-F want to close them down. Kong's opened their doors in 1986, ten years later the City and the NPU-F proposed a zoning change in 1996 from C(Commercial) to NC(Neighborhood Commercial). Businesses, such as Kong's, were protected under the "grandfather clause" which allowed businesses to operate under the new zoning regulations. This begs the question, what incentive is there for businesses if future zoning changes would put them out? Wan and his supporters are proposing a “Sunset Legislation” that will give the businesses operating under the “grandfather clause” to recoup their investments in 4 years! Initially, the proposal gave businesses 2 years, but was increased to 4 after much protest. With no help to relocate and no compensation from the City or the NPU-F, Kong’s and businesses like his will be thrown out. Kong’s, a small, second generation family-owned and operated business, sunk in their entire lives in the family business. How are they supposed to recoup the 27 years of investment in 4 years? Members of the NPU-F believe this is fair. This petition is to show support to the business owners impacted by the legislation that this is NOT fair. Not only will the passing of the legislation destroy many small businesses and their owners’ livelihood on Cheshire Bridge Rd, it would also set a dangerous precedent for future legislations and impede upon the rights of small businesses in the community.


Lastly, it’s just wrong!


This issue will go before the Zoning Review Board on


May 9th 6:00 PM

Atlanta City Hall Council Chambers, Second Floor. 

55. Trinity Ave. Atlanta, GA 30303. 

Please come and show your support against this horrible legislation.


Letter to
Atlanta City Council President Ceasar C. Mitchell
Atlanta Council District 4 Cleta Winslow
Atlanta Council District 6 Howard Shook
and 18 others
Atlanta Council District 7 Yolanda Adrean
Atlanta City Council District 10 C.T. Martin
Atlanta Council District 11 Keisha Lance Bottoms
Post 1 at Large Michael Julian Bond
Post 2 at Large Aaron Watson
Post 3 at Large H. Lamar Willis
Atlanta Council District 2 Kwanza Hall
Atlanta Council District 1 Carla Smith
Urban Planner Racquel T. Jackson
Atlanta Council District 6 Alex Wan and NPU-F
Atlanta Council District 3 Ivory Lee Young Jr.
Atlanta Council District 5 Natalyn Mosby Archibong
Atlanta City Council District 9 Felicia A. Moore
Atlanta Council District 12 Joyce M. Sheperd
NPU-F Chair Jane Rawlings
NPU-F Zoning Contact Debbi Skopczynski
Zoning Administrator & Secretary to the Board Charletta Wilson Jacks
NPU-F Planner Doug Young
Sung Kong is the owner of two small businesses on Cheshire Bridge Rd. He operates Kong’s Body Shop and Auto Glo Hand Car Wash. Kong’s Body Shop was started by his father in 1986. Mr. Kong’s journey to the States started when he was stationed with US army back in Korea. When the army needed repair on their vehicles, it was often difficult because they did not have any parts. When it came to sheet metal body panels, it was even more difficult. Mr. Kong would cut and flatten out 55 gallon drums to make body panels on the jeeps. His skills didn’t go unnoticed. After experiencing the American culture through the servicemen he stationed with, Mr. Kong decided to come to the States. In 1974 Mr. Kong immigrated to the states, his son followed in 1980, and four years later his wife came in 1984. They lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and Mr. Kong earned a weekly paycheck of $260.00. The Kong’s saved whatever they could and opened Kong’s Body Shop in 1986. For the next 10 years, the Kong’s would work 7 days a week and never took a vacation. Their son also had to help with the language barrier. To their son, his mother and father were his heroes; they were his role models.

In 1999, Mr. Kong was diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer. At the time their son, Sung, was working as an engineer in California. His parents did not want the body shop life for him but Sung, being the only child, had no choice. He packed up and came home. It wasn’t his intention to run the family business, but that’s what he ended up doing. He gave up his engineering career and took over the business. Mr. Kong passed the following year.

Since Sung took over, the business has been growing steadily. In 2004 he got married and opened a hand car wash next to the body shop. They have 2 beautiful daughters and have built their entire lives around this business. They also bought a house walking distance from the business.

I wanted to give you a little history behind the business this legislation is throwing out. Kong’s Body Shop cannot recoup their investment in 4 years. One of the folks in the NPU meeting said they want to throw Kong’s out because somebody told them people from Marietta didn’t want to come into town because of Cheshire Bridge. They said it was an embarrassment. It might be an embarrassment to them, but to Kong’s, it’s their hard work, sweat, and lives. Please reconsider this legislation and vote it down. If you throw Kong’s out, they have nowhere to go. Their lives would be destroyed.

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