Make Alex Dew Hot Again ��️�‍♂️

Make Alex Dew Hot Again ��️�‍♂️

1 December 2019
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Alex Dew (The Dews)
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Started by chad norman

Alexander Roderick Dew must grow his beard back by 29th January 2020

Without his beard he looks like a little grandma who loves hitting the AMF bowling club every Tuesday for a diet Coke and a microwave ready hotdog with extra pickels,   a gift voucher for cake, free of charge. 

This feeling I have, that I've tried to put to rest for at least 19 months is trouble-some to my wholesome mental health.  the thoughts that are constant... "let him be he's own person" "he doesn't look like Ronda from that cruise ad" "he looks like a  modern day Brock Lesner" "is that Gordan Ramseys and Joel Turners love child"? 

With a beard he looks like a sexy version of Emma Stone in Easy A. A man that has the same sexual aspirations as Yoko Ono... A breaker of hearts, and bands.

Today is the Democratic system in action!  I rejoice and remember the good old days when Alex was a 2016 stud ahead of his time. 

Please help make Alex Dew hot again. ��️��️�‍♂️


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Yours Truly, 



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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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