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Ban ALL Animal Testing

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These animals are brutally tortured every day of their lives, beaten, burned, cut and neglected for the sake of your favourite skin cream or washing detergent. Thousands of animals die under the name of mega corporations that fund these horrendous tests on animals. The result of the tests on animals are not reliable and have harmed more people then it has helped. These animals are kept in horrible steel cages their whole lives, exposed to the worst living conditions, never seeing daylight. Many companies have proved there is alternatives to animal testing and continue to fund research into more. Animal testing should be abolished, it's old fashioned and completely unnecessary. It's sickening to know that the majority of popular house hold brands test on animals, the majority of customers don't know the horrible truth behind the brands they buy. When you buy a product that funds animal testing, you are casting a vote for that company to continue their horrible research on defenceless animals. Please help me eradicate this, soon it will be something of the past! Thanks everyone.

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