Manchester United Women's Team Campaign

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Manchester United are one of the biggest football clubs in the world and have a large global appeal as a brand.

Yet they are still yet to form a women’s team, having given up on one 12 years ago, it is about time that they realized they are ignoring the sharp rise of the women’s game and the need for gender equality in sport.

It goes without saying that having a women’s team would not set Manchester United back financially, so there is no excuse for them not having one. United having a women’s side would raise the profile of the women’s game even more and would engage the millions of female united fans around the world.

A campaign for change.

Manchester United have been ignoring the idea of having a women’s team for too long and it’s time for that to change, this campaign aims to put pressure on them to do so and raise awareness of the fact that they are yet to form a women’s team.