Fix MCC's Cannon Jar

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For too many maps, the cannon jar has been terrible. It's time for a change!

This problem has affected all of the big factions, beeing a huge demotivating factor for all of the factions involved. Factions cannot even raid with an AP because the server has a stroke, and TPS goes down. If a faction is raiding another and the defending factions shoot their counter-cannons, the TPS goes down.

I think I speak for the community when I say that we are tired of having this cannon jar. Please Fix/improve the cannon jar to the factions being able to raid with a cannon jar. I am aware that this is a difficult task due to the custom plugins, but we wouldn't create and share this petition if we didn't think this was a major problem.

I believe if the community comes together, we can make a meaningful change to the server, to secure a better future for the MCC Factions forever. Please share this petition with your family, friends, and fac-mates.