Urgent; Help Foster Kids Get Necessary Medical Care in Texas

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Medical Error Transparency Plan started this petition to U.S Department of Health and Human Services Alex M. Azar ll, Secretary of Health and Human Services and

Patient advocates from across the country respectfully ask for a full and immediate investigation into the lack of oversight and lack of medical care that is jeopardizing foster children in Texas. Recipe for Disaster, an article from the Dallas Morning News outlines the poor management practices of Superior Health Plan's task to provide appropriate health care for foster children in Texas. Superior Health Plan is a Medicaid managed plan, the only one in Texas that provides medical care to foster children. The link to this investigative report can be found below.

Superior's denial of care is overburdening foster parents that are not equipped to handle medical emergencies and/or give one on one care for extended hours. Thus, children are being put in medically dangerous situations with devastating consequences. Recipe for Disaster's report includes a child that is now in a vegetative state from an error that could have been prevented if Superior had approved the care the doctor ordered. One foster mother states that she had to rewash and reuse syringes even when the dose markings on the syringes had washed off. Foster parents are relinquishing custody of children in their care, resulting in foster children being put in expensive hospital facilities and being deprived of a home environment.

We also respectfully ask for an investigation into the allegation of a medical monopoly; when Superior Health Plan's contract ran out, the contract was not open for other companies to bid. According to the investigative report Recipe for Disaster, Texas authorities received hundreds of complaints from doctors, nurses, child-welfare workers, and foster parents. The report also states that Texas authorities knew that "Judges in Houston stepped in to order medical care that Superior has denied to foster kids." The state was ordered to pay for the treatment that Superior was under contract to provide. Yet, Texas authorities renewed Superior Health Plan's contract without allowing other companies to bid.

We are asking you to help before more preventable harm happens. We are asking because the foster children cannot.

Thank you,

Suzan Shinazy, Emily Paterson, Lyn Trott, Linda Haller

Medical Error Transparency Plan, Founder & Administrators

Recipe for Disaster http://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?artguid=0eaf85a1-aa89-43d4-b068-32108b82554f&appid=



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