to Be Shut Down - Reinstate its Funding

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Do you know someone who has experienced medical error?

Medical error is the #3 cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer.  At the core of this deadly epidemic are unneeded tests and procedures.  Healthcare needs to work more like the aviation industry, with evidence-based safety checklists guiding our decisions.

Since 2000, the US government has hosted, a free database of all major health guidelines.  This database is a trove of the best published research from world experts.  It contains best practices for the proper diagnosis and management of a host of diseases, from chronic pain to heart disease to cancer.

In 2018, US Congress slashed funding to this agency, and HHS Secretary Alex Azar decided to do away with this valuable resource.  It will be shut down on July 16, 2018.  Tell Secretary Azar that it should be reinstated.

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