Save Everything Sucks!

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Netflix just doesn't give a damn about Everything Sucks it just seems like, despite the love it received from its fans. They don't give a shit about supporting the fans, the LGBT community, and supporters of the show, including the cast. No, all Netflix cares about is making money and profits and if the show doesn't get enough "high ratings" then it gets the axe, the same thing that happened with Gypsy. Maybe they just don't want LGBT representation on their site and they're all just a bunch of homophobic idiots in business suits!! All I know is that the fans are not happy and they're probably gonna do something about this retarded decision that you retards made!! This show has helped out many with their issues and have come to love the show and for you to make the decision to not renew it is just stupid!!! Guys maybe we still have a chance. We need all the help we can to save the show!!! Everything Sucks! must go on!!! If Luke can save their movie like he did then maybe we can too with this show!!! Can't let Netflix stop this show!!! Spread the word and save the show!!!!