British Airways: Stop shafting your 42,000 staff (signed by BA customers)

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Thank you - we've reached 10,000

THANK YOU to the 10,000 people who have signed this petition. Your support means a lot not only to me, but more importantly to the 42,000 staff that British Airways are continuing to treat so poorly.   I have been humbled by the messages I have received from British Airways staff over the past few days, many of whom are worried about their future.

I have now written a letter to Alex Cruz (CEO, BA) and Carolina Martinoli (Brand & Customer Director, BA), calling on them to do the right thing. You can see a copy of this letter below.

The plans of BA management continue so please continue to share this with your friends, family & colleagues and support where you can.

Thanks again.





Dear Alex and Carolina,

You may have seen the petition that I have set up on behalf of BA customers which has now garnered over 10,000 signatures. Since starting the petition I have been moved by the countless messages I have received from your staff - many of whom are worried about their futures - and therefore wanted to write to you today.

First of all,  I appreciate that this is an incredibly worrying time for everybody in the aviation industry, and the UK economy as a whole.   We know that COVID has caused a stark drop in air passenger demand, and that airlines will need to look at temporary measures to weather the turbulence. That being said, the news that you plan on making 42,000 people redundant, only to re-hire 30,000 of them on worsened terms and conditions is cruel, heartless and unethical. Some cabin crew, for example, are reporting this could be a pay cut of up to 70%.

In my view it is disappointing that you, as leaders, are pushing through such opportunistic and greedy action at a time of national crisis.  BA made £1.5bn of operating profit last year - or - around £35,000 of profit for each and every member of staff that works for you, so wouldn’t it be right to protect the livelihoods of the hardworking staff that helped BA become the ‘cash cow’ of IAG?

BA represents a team effort and BA is always my first choice, not for the product but for the people. From the call centre staff who give me hints & tips on my next holiday;  to the ground staff who greet me with a big smile as I enter the First Wing; to the Cabin Crew who offer a warm welcome and a pinch of humour; to the highly-skilled pilots who work under pressure to keep me safe and give me confidence; to the engineers who keep your aircraft in the air 24/7; to the Head Office staff who keep the operation moving. Your people are the heart & soul of British Airways. I have received many messages from your staff and one thing is clear: they love their job.

My message to you is simple: if you turn your back on your staff, your customers will turn their backs on you.

I am sure you are always keen to hear the views of your customers and in that respect I have provided a sample of comments collected from the petition overleaf.  What is clear from across the commentary is that your customers do not want to see the British flag carrier attacking their own workforce in this way. I was also disappointed to receive an Exec Club email yesterday containing the words "We all love to hear some good news every now and then” and “Something to make you smile”, which is misjudged and in poor taste given the current circumstances.

I look forward to hearing from you with an acknowledgement that you are listening to the concerns of your customers (as well as your staff). I also urge you to stop pursuing a course of action which will damage BA in the long run.

Yours sincerely,


Loyal BA customer


Alex A
1 year ago