Better Pedestrian Access to Corstorphine Retail Park

Better Pedestrian Access to Corstorphine Retail Park

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Started by James .

The recent changes to the layout of Corstorphine Retail Park has seen many improvements, including new lighting, Electrical Vehicle Charging points, New paving access from Meadow Place Road and towards the former PC World store. However it saw the removal, or repositioning of the pavement along the access road from Gylemuir Road. The central island was an ideal feature for pedestrians to use to access the site safely and easily, and also for those simply looking to cross from either side of the access road. 

With the changes in this area of the site, it has made it rather problematic for those on foot looking to access the site or cross over. There is no pedestrian crossing, or zebra crossing at the foot of the ramp allowing safe crossing, or even slowing traffic allowing for crossing pedestrians and there is no safe access route for pedestrians on the left side leading up to Pets at Home or C.R UK charity store. 

Two solutions to this could be something along the lines of a zebra crossing installed at the foot of the ramp with an additional (acceptable/safe width) pavement on the left side? Allowing not only for more easy pedestrian access but also a safe crossing point for those not wishing to access the retail park.

This petition has been set up for anyone who live or visit the retail site from the Corstorphine/Drum Brae area or elsewhere to sign to ask for this to be addressed and for something to be done to make it safer for pedestrians, particularly as traffic will no doubt significantly increase with the Retail and Residential developments in the area over the next 12-18 months, one of which that will see additional vehicular traffic along Gylemuir Road and around Drum Brae which already is heavily polluted and congested at the best of times. 

Please share with anyone you know who would like to see something done also.

29 have signed. Let’s get to 50!