Remove Judge Barbara Forrester from family cases & Children's Services from CumbriaCouncil

Remove Judge Barbara Forrester from family cases & Children's Services from CumbriaCouncil

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Victoria Hudson started this petition to Alex Chalk MP and

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I am asking for Judge Barbara Forrester to be taken off all Family cases in court. 

Cumbrian Children's lives are being destroyed, they are being removed from their parents on questionable evidence and being placed in dangerous situations

I am also asking for Cumbria Children's Services to be taken off Cumbria County Council and an investigation into Cumbria Children's Services and their failures of Looked After Children

The relationship between HHJ Forrester and CCC is culminating in the Judge not being able to make independent decisions.

HHJ Forrester's lack of insight and education in domestic abuse, child abuse, rape, coercion and stalking makes her unfit to reside over any cases that allege abuse

The Judge has been known in the area for failing sexual offence victims also

We now have a culture of punitive, barbaric, draconian bullying in the court system and with Cafcass and Cumbria Children's Services, where victims are threatened with intent that their children will be removed to the perpetrator of their abuse and if not foster care and adoption, some of the cases below prove that HHJ Forrester and Cumbria Children's Services are making reckless, punitive decisions and suicide, murder, rape and abuse of Cumbrian Children are a regular occurrence for these failed children.

These cases are only a snapshot, hundreds of parents and former Looked After Children are coming forward saying the same thing, their lives have been destroyed by Judge Forrester and Cumbria County Council

I am asking Alex Chalk, Justice minister, and Sir Andrew McFarlane for an investigation into these cases and the removal of HHJ Forrester from all family law cases

I am asking the Children's Minister, Children's commissioner, Ofsted and Department for Education Minister for an investigation into the removal of so many children from Cumbrian Mums to devastating, fatal consequences

Here are some of the stories-

The recent murder of a West Cumbria baby in Cumbria Children's Services care

Cumbria County Council sent children here

The suicide of a young girl who was criminally and sexually exploited in Cumbria Children's Services care last year

Smith - a former manager at Cumbria county council’s children’s services department - described how she had killed Daniel first, saying: ‘I put a bag on his head.

That was the story in the mainstream news, this was the alternative

My campaign, story and what else is happening to kids in care in Cumbria, these children are taken from victims and placed in these dangerous situations by Cumbria Children's Services, the bulk of these cases are resided over by Judge Barbara Forrester

More stories of Cumbria Children's Services failing Cumbrian children

250 children taken in West Cumbria alone

Court ordered contact

The amount of children being taken from protective Mums and forced to live with abusive 'parents' and paedophiles, some not even related to these children is a national scandal, the abuser then abuses the children and they are then forced into the care system, detached, abused, vulnerable and ripe for the CSE epidemic we now have, you would forgive me in thinking it is planned.

The same Judges , the same Cafcass officers, the same social workers and their managers, the same contact workers involved in these cases. Cumbria Police fail to thoroughly investigate if they do at all 

750 Looked after children, twice the amount of adoptions than any other council!

Selling/exploiting/endangering children and ripping families apart for financial gain?

Parents and social worker committing suicide, the stories are never ending

A letter was sent last year to Sir Andrew McFarlane asking that HHJ Forrester be taken off family cases in Cumbria, this was signed by many Cumbria County Councillors, a Baroness, prominent domestic abuse charities, campaigners and organisations and some celebrities.

It is an open secret locally and nationally and the public has lost faith in justice being done in these cases, the public is threatened into silence so these children continue to live in danger if they make it out alive




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!