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This club has the most stringent drug policies in place in birmingham and possibly the uk after the death of A 18 year old at New Years event 2015. However after still failing to follow there polices another 19 year old died following a Halloween event 2017. 

Video footage of the same night has been given to police of a 15 year old in the Venus that very night who appears to be “off his face” on drugs. This was confirmed by the boys father to the police. 

The club failed to provide eveidence to contradict this in court however they deny it. 

There have been 22 ambulances call outs in the last 12 months 6 of what were all drug overdoses. 

Yet there are no logs of this made by the club. Also the club could NOT provide any logs of drugs or confiscated items that had been taken off people. 

At the inquest to the first lads death his friend confirmed that the drugs were brought of a security guard at the Rainbow Venus. 

How many more young life’s have to be lost due to this venue being so lax on sticking to there 1 in 50 drug searches, drugs in this club are a clear problem and it is not being managed correctly at all.  

Rainbow venuns obtaining there licence back is just a disaster waiting to happen. They have not learnt by previous mistakes and are not willing to take responsibility for there actions. 

Neither family were ever contacted by Rainbow Venus following the deaths of these two young men they just mearly offered there sympathy via social media paltforms in a bid to make them self look better. 

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