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Remove the parties from MeepCity. (Failure)

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MeepCity was created in 26th of February 2016 by Alex "alexnewtron" Binello. It is a game, where the objective is to adopt a Meep and customize a house. The game features parties which are the Achilles' heel of the game. The parties mainly consist of Online Daters looking for virtual boy or girlfriends and probably aren't even 13 years old. It's been 3 months and the petition has hit 17000 supporters. The chances of this petition removing MeepCity all together are quote Epikrika "pretty much zero" and I should quote "give the guy a chance". He's already had a chance: remove the ability to name the party, remove beds for the most part and guess what, those didn't work. So why not just remove the parties if the entire game is too much to remove? The Racing game has most likely overshadowed the parties. And besides, the petition has outnumbered the 10% of players who use parties. UPDATE! I declared the petition a failure some time ago and it still gets more signatures.

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