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Stop Deer Hunting in the ENTIRE Town of Huntington, Including Residential Eatons Neck, Asharoken, Fort Salonga, Dix Hills, and Lloyd Harbor

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We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to stop the reckless killing of deer with deadly bows and arrows. Our small neighborhoods are being threatened by hunters because of a Thiele/LaValle-sponsored, Cuomo-signed, bill reducing the hunting safety setback law from 500 to 150 ft.  These hunters can now hunt within arms length of a neighbor’s property, including a neighbor’s swing set, practice soccer goal, or a roadway, as long as they are 150 feet from a home, and as long as the arrow doesn't cross the neighbor’s property line or the roadway. But as we all know, accidents happen. 

 Since October 1 of this year, strangers have been entering our neighborhoods, hiding behind blinds and in tree stands, shooting does, fawns, and bucks with high-powered compound bows on participating properties just 150 feet from our homes and property lines. They will be here everyday, shooting from dawn till dusk until January 31, 2016—4 months of unsupervised, unethical brutal killing.

 These deerslayers now roam freely in the Town of Huntington with no enforced restrictions, regulations, or policing of any kind. They come and go, killing and wounding at will. Archery is known as one of the cruelest and most inefficient ways to kill animals.  Every morning and evening, in half-light, as our children are on their way to the bus stop, our neighbors are walking their dogs, or any one is just taking a walk in the woods, they are in peril of being shot by razor-sharp arrows that travel 236 mph. This is not “hunting.” This is slaughter. Hunting should be restricted to vast unpopulated areas upstate or on large reserves, not on our 1- and 2-acre residential properties.

 Do you want your children to see a wounded deer with arrows stuck in its head, bleeding, running down the streets in a panic—to die a prolonged and agonizing death? These are images that will never leave you or your child’s mind. This is what is happening in all of the Town of Huntington, including Eatons Neck, Asharoken, Fort Salonga, Dix Hills, with the approval of the Town Board of Huntington and the Village of Asharoken.

 Despite assurances from the Town of Huntington, neither the police nor the DEC has been effective in policing our properties or regulating the actions of the hunters. It is only the residents who have witnessed illegal hunting at night with flashlights and men dragging dead deer out of the woods across the street from our once peaceful homes.

 This law was pushed through by shortsighted, misinformed Town of Huntington politicians who rushed to judgment at the behest of so-called “professional” hunters, who just want to kill deer for sport. These people do not belong in residential neighborhoods. They wreak havoc and bring nothing but danger and tragedy with their self-serving, belligerent behavior.

It is up to all of us to band together and stop deer hunting in residential areas. Sign this petition, post it on Facebook, share it with your neighbors.


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