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Help Save Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Kern County

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Hello my name is Nolan and I am running a petition with 420Nurses Bakersfield. We have over 2,000 signs from residents in the area who wish to stop the ban and illegal raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Kern County. Please support our cause, we are advocates for those in need. We need to reach 100,000 signatures to reach the White House. We need to protect the rights of the people, not strip rights away from them. Banning Medical dispensaries is stripping medical patients of thier right to medicate and have medication safety accessible and readily available to them. Is the use of civil asset forfeiture, which has typically been reserved for the worst drug traffickers and kingpins an appropriate tactic to employ against individuals who suffer from severe chronic illness and are authorized to use medical marijuana under California law? Has the DEA conducted any analysis of potential economic consequences of using civil asset forfeiture in an area that is experiencing some of the nation's sharpest declines in property values? Lastly has the DEA considered the consequences of shutting down legally operating medical marijuana dispensaries? Even Kamala Harris has said "we don't need to go after grandmas medicine." Banning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries from operating in Kern county has a direct impact on patients, making it very difficult for the people who really need it. There are a lot of people without transportation and cannot go out of Kern county to get medicine. Not only are you making it hard on the patients, but you are making it hard for local business owners. These are hard working people who pay taxes. They don't deserve to be ran out of town like heroin dealers when all they want to do is heal those in need. This is why we the people voted on regulations, and then someone went and undermined the people's vote. We are speaking up and letting you know if you want to make it hard for the people, the people will make it hard for you. We will vote, we will petition, we will protest, we will take a stand and the one thing we will not do is give up. If you should be threatened by anything it's the methadone clinics. Methadone is proven more addicting than heroin. It's a huge problem and we need to focus on the opioid crises and not those who only need to medicate holistically with marijuana. If you want to make Kern County a better place, keep medical marijuana dispensaries in business and let them operate under regulations like the people voted for. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have been cleaning up the community, helping addicts recover, and donating to the homeless. You won't see any action like that from a methadone clinic. Our medical marijuana dispensaries in Kern County love our community, please stop harrassing and discriminating them. We the people have spoken!

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