Open an Aldi Store in Denver!

Open an Aldi Store in Denver!

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Started by Britta P

As the cost of living in Denver continues to skyrocket, and wages stagnate, there is an ever-increasing need for affordable healthy foods in our communities. While there are a lot of factors that need to be addressed, increasing the number of affordable grocery options is one way to help. 

I firmly believe that Aldi is the best grocery chain. Not only do they have delicious products, they treat their employees well with above average pay and benefits, have a strong commitment to sustainability and decreasing waste, have high quality, affordable food, including plenty of fresh produce and other healthy options, and lots of options for a wide range of dietary restrictions and allergies.

They're actually the most sustainable grocery store is the US! They've been BYOBag since before it was cool (and mandated.) You can read more about their food waste and recovery programs at this link. They've also pledged to use only reusable, recyclable or compostable packing by 2025, among other environmental efforts. 

If you're like many in Denver and watching your budget, they're also over 40% cheaper than other stores, according to this research by Andy Prescott of Reader's Digest has made a list of the Aldi products that are always a great deal as well, including milk, cheese, organic products, baking staples, and canned goods.

If you're ingredient conscious, Aldi removed all hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, and MSG from their products, as of 2015. They also have great options for people on specialized diets, including non-dairy milks, gluten-free pastas, non-tree-nut-butters, and vegan products. Many people gush about their products, including this article here by Pinch of Yum which highlights some of their products for people with dietary restrictions.

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376 have signed. Let’s get to 500!