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Oppose the construction of 240+ additional homes to Peine Rd.

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Peine 240 LLC wants to build 240 homes on 69 of the 230 acres along Peine Rd across from Providence Ridge. They are in negotiations to purchase the remaining 161 acres now that they will develop in the same fashion. Please see the details below of why we oppose the plans submitted by McBride & Sons for Westhaven subdivision. 

 The only listed Public Notice on the property is 17-89-PZ. This notice refers to the rezoning of the land to medium density residential only. After looking closely through the paperwork I found out that Public Notice 17-90-PZ is also associated to this property even though it is not displayed on the property for public notice. Public Notice 17-90-PZ contains the plans for the future development. I feel by not posting the Public Notice for 17-90-PZ you have a considerable number of uninformed constituents.

 Concerns after reviewing 17-90-PZ:

·       The proposed lots do not meet the minimum R-1E restriction of Wentzville Residential building code. This code states a minimum lot requirement of 8300 Square Feet.

o   The lots proposed are 57 “A Type Lots” 4800 Square Feet, 116 “B Type Lots” 6480 Square Feet and 57 ”C Type Lots” 7200 Square Feet.

o   80% or more of the established home lots along Peine Rd are zoned R-1D & R-1C. (Respectively 9,000 Square Feet+ & 12,000 Square Feet+) This neighborhood is not consistent with the existing homes in the area.

·       The proposed dwellings do not meet the minimum requirements of the Wentzville Residential building code. The code states a minimum ranch dwelling of 1200 Square Foot + & a minimum 1.5 or 2 story dwelling of 1800 Square Foot +.

o   The proposed dwellings for “Lots A” are 2 Story homes of a 1200 Square foot minimum.

o   The proposed dwellings for “Lots B & C” are Ranch dwellings of 1100 Square Foot minimum & 1.5 or 2 story dwellings of 1600 Square Foot minimum.

·       The proposed lots & dwellings are not abiding by the Wentzville Residential Code setbacks.

o   The minimum lot width per Wentzville Residential code is 70’, they are proposing lots with widths of: 40’, 54’ & 60’

o   The side yard setback is 7’ minimum per Wentzville Residential code and they are proposing 6’ setbacks.

o   The maximum lot coverage of a dwelling per Wentzville Residential code is 35% they are proposing that some dwellings will cover 45% of the lot.

·       Several subdivisions along Peine Rd. were on a plan to be removed from Peine Ridge Elementary this last year to allow for equal wealth distribution between the schools. They considered taking lower income neighborhoods further from our school and exclude us. Allowing the construction of this subdivision as proposed has the possibility to possibly push us out of the great school that attracted many of us to Peine Rd.

·       The proposed 240 homes with an estimated 2 cars per home would add an estimated 480 additional vehicles to the route of Peine Rd. everyday. I understand that some may travel along N. Pointe Prairie, however I believe the majority of the homeowners will travel along Peine Rd.

 So our question is with all of the local building codes not being met, how has this proposed subdivision moved through the planning & zoning process? Why hasn’t the Public Notice sign for the proposed 17-90-PZ Subdivision plot been posted so that your constituents have an opportunity to voice their opinion on this matter? I know the land has been donated for the David Hoekel Parkway & the 4.7 acre park dedication. Is this worth what we would be doing for our local economy? We have seen these low-income subdivisions again and again be poorly maintained, have higher rates of foreclosure & have higher crime rates. We understand the need for  development but we implore the Board of Alderman to stand with us to ensure that the Wentzville residential building codes are being met. By meeting the local building codes, the number of homes will be reduced. Therefore, the home values maintained & the impact on our schools and roads will be as minimal as possible.

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