Make Logan Blvd Safe for Families - Install a Speed Camera

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RJ Acosta
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Logan Boulevard is a true treasure located in the City of Chicago. With its wide streets and open landscape, it has come to define the city’s boulevard system and has inspired generations to get outside and stroll the neighborhood.  We believe that the street and it’s effects contribute to a closer community and truly epitomize our official motto: Urbs in Horto.

Despite its tranquil beauty, Logan Boulevard has become a magnet for speedy drivers and dangerous car crashes. Several vehicles have recently mounted the curb and damaged benches places for public enjoyment as well as threatening pedestrians who wait to cross at the many cross walks. A recent crash had two vehicles fully parked on the curb at California & Logan where pedestrians typically wait to cross at the light. Additionally, despite the pedestrian walkways and striping, many drivers fail to yield the right of way to children, families, and casual wanderers who are enjoying a Sunday scroll or visiting our many local businesses.  Even merchants and shoppers at our precious Logan’s Square Farmers Market, one of the most popular in the city, have become threatened by the poor driving behaviors exhibited by speedy vehicular travelers in the area. 

In order to maintain the tranquility and safety of Logan Boulevard, we propose that a speed camera be installed on Logan Boulevard between Rockwell and California in order to enforce the 30 mph speed limit and encourage drivers to slow and yield for pedestrians.  Although the subject of some controversy, well-placed speed cameras that have the support of the neighborhood can be a useful tool to encourage more responsible driving.  We do not support the cynical view that these cameras are simply a money-grab by a municipality strapped for cash. Instead we support its installation to safeguard our community and our vital urban space and would request substantial signage to inform drivers that speeding will be enforced by photo.

Please Alderman Waguespack and CDOT, support the introduction of a speed camera to keep our open spaces safe. Honor our Urbs in Horto by protecting the neighbors that know what a privilege it is to have one of the city’s jewels freely accessible to neighbors and visitors alike.