“No” to (another) Car Wash in West Walker!

“No” to (another) Car Wash in West Walker!

276 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
Johanna Zorn started this petition to Alderman, 39th ward Samantha Nugent

UPDATE: This petition was delivered to Alderman Nugent and the WWCA on January 10, and we will learn the fate of the car wash proposal after the comment period ends on January 15.  The deadline has passed for new signatures. 

A local developer wants to put a car wash (this is the image they have shared) in the surface parking lot located at 4249-4251 N. Pulaski. This move would require a zoning change from B3-2 (business) to C1-1 (commercial).

Alderman Nugent is seeking input from the West Walker Civic Association and residents before she decides whether to endorse the project. Those who have signed below believe this zoning change is NOT in our neighborhood’s best interest. Here’s why: 

  • The developer is proposing that the car wash will be open every day from 7am – 10pm.  That’s 15 hours of noise and traffic every day on a street that’s already congested. 
  • During peak hours, there could be as many as 20 cars in line or in the car wash, plus an additional 10 at the vacuum stations spewing emissions into the air. This will impact the health of neighborhood families (especially kids, seniors, and those with breathing problems such as asthma). 
  • The business plan calls for two driveways — one going in, one coming out — which will make for a much less pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly streetscape.
  • The Community Vision Plan for West Walker — drafted by neighbors 15 years ago — specifically calls for fewer auto businesses and more pedestrian-friendly retail and restaurants: “Currently, residents of West Walker are dissatisfied with a lack of appealing businesses located within walking distance. Numerous auto and vehicle-related shops, nail and hair salons, and discount/convenience stores lie within the boundaries of West Walker. However, there are too few businesses that community members would like to visit regularly. Residents have a desire to see the commercial streets and their businesses reflect more of the character and needs of a pedestrian-friendly, family-oriented residential community by incorporating restaurants, retail stores, and cultural venues. Residents also want to improve the appearance and functional use of the streetscape for pedestrians.” 
  • Given the high number of car washes in the area, we don’t need another one. A Google search finds 14 car washes within 1.5 miles of the proposed location.
  • The business would remove the possibility of retail, restaurants, etc., going into that underused spot and lessen the overall livability of the neighborhood. 

The petition organizers (Joel Reese, Laura Ell, Johanna Zorn) will share the completed signed petition with Alderman Nugent's office. You can also reach the 39th Ward office directly or our neighborhood West Walker Civic Association:

Whether you are in favor of the car wash, in favor with changes, or against it, Joel, Laura and Johanna appreciate that you've read this petition and have thought about how the proposed car wash might impact our community. Thank you! 

276 have signed. Let’s get to 500!