Support St. Adalbert Community on Downzoning Ordinance

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St. Adalbert Preservation Society
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I stand with all of the communities of St. Adalbert to support your offices efforts to change the Zoning for St. Adalbert property from RT-4 to POS-4.  The community deserves a say in what happens in this significant edifice in the heart of Pilsen. We want transparency and accountability in this process for the disposition of the property, so that it stays as a sacred space for the primary use of the community. Its historical and architectural significance to the Chicago also makes this an important effort for everyone who wants to make certain that is property is properly maintained and brought back to its magnificence.
This is critical for the Pilsen community since the pressures for radical change in this neighborhood are very strong. We must work to help maintain these neighborhoods in Chicago affordable so that we have a diverse community that has the means to be able to stay in the places that they would like to and not be forced out by economic forces that are out of their control.
There is a community who supported and encouraged each other in this magnificent edifice, who received their moral foundations in this pillar of the community, we must make certain that places such as these are not thrown away to become solely accommodating to the elite and wealthy. This Zoning change will make certain that the Archdiocese of Chicago, the current owner of the property will listen to the community and not let only market forces rule.
Thank you for your time and your efforts on behalf of the St. Adalbert community. We look forward to working with you to advance the zoning ordinance amendment A-8487.