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Come to the Neighborhood Mtg 6:30 PM on 11/20/17 at Little Sisters of the Poor Auditorium

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A developer is seeking support for re-zonig the vacant parcel on Belden Avenue from light industrial to residential/multi-family residential. The developer’s plan includes 13 three level townhomes with roof decks.

The parcel is 42.26’ deep and 455’ long.  The site plan calls for access for the 13 townhomes and the 22 garage parking spaces off the alley, as well as a 3’ walkway on the east along the townhouse walls. Chicago sidewalks are 6’ wide.  

1. The developer’s static plan shows 22 cars neatly parked in garages. In reality the development of this property would create a 2-way thoroughfare out of the alley. Alley currently serves a minimum of 64 cars. The developer is proposing to add 22 cars, increasing alley traffic to service for 86 cars.
2. There is no way that the alley can serve these proposed homes by accommodating:
- deliveries
- garbage pick-up
- guests
- tradesmen/repairmen
Practically speaking, each of the above will attempt to park in front of the units they intend to serve and block transit and garage access on both sides of the alley.
3. Safety. In effect turning an alley into a 2-way street is dangerous to pedestrians, especially children. Anyone living in Lincoln Park has had the occasion of being startled by a vehicle pulling out of an alley without warning. This danger would be significantly increased at both the Wayne and Belden entrances due to the increased traffic this project would bring to the alley.
4. NO adequate street access in the event of an emergency.
5. Excessive density. The perimeter of the vacant/alley parcel currently serves 77 family residences of 2-5BR's each: 17 single family homes, 30 townhomes and 30 condominiums - not including the homes on the surrounding blocks.
6. Developer proposes to add 13 residences of 2-3BR's each, increasing density to 100 family residences.
7. 46.8' high. The 4 stories, include a roof deck. The project will generate long shadows and eliminate privacy for surrounding residents.

We need you to deny this zoning change.

The developer met with the Sheffield Neighbors Association and disclosed that he has an option to purchase the parcel, subject to Alderman Brian Hopkins allowing the zoning change.  

Alderman Hopkins requested a neighborhood meeting where the developer will make his presentation.  

The developer claims he wants to "do good" for the neighbors, but he unfairly asked for this neighborhood meeting to take place the Monday of Thanksgiving week aware many neighbors are preparing for the holiday or may be traveling.

Please sign this petition to stop the zoning change.

Alderman Hopkins needs to hear from you!

Please stand with your neighbors at the neighborhood meeting.  Raise your voice AGAINST this zoning change.  Let's stand together!  We can urge the Alderman Hopkins work toward improving our neighborhood with a park instead!

6:30 PM on November 20, 2017 
Little Sisters of the Poor Auditorium
2325 N Lakewood

Click here to see the Developer Plans

Say No Rezone to vacant parcel on Belden

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Go to the Neighborhood Mtg 6pm 11/20 at 2325 N Lakewood

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