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Korg Krome We need updates.

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We're korg product users krome in Brazil, and other countries, since the same has been happening several facts of bug and error of systems and pianos with about 1 to 2 years of, because users been suffering anguish, and desperately problems with your equipment, because the korg in Brazil, and other countries, is not to give suggestions or something to improve the lives of the korg user krome because still, all end up relying on social networking sites, and tutorials, facebook groups, to solve this problem, and we did, but that's beside the point, because the only thought about working on Korg its powerful KRONOS, which have done updates on kronos systems old, as I released the kronos 2, and it did nothing regarding a new ' updates on korg krome ' in which the version of krog krome is V1. 0.3, which is the last, there are 3 years ago, and we are waiting for the slightest of respect to the public and hoping to wait at least a new update to the powerful Krome, because most users here in Brazil, we should have a little attention in this regard to the KORG rule at least an ultimatum in a new update in the forgetful ' KORG KROME ' Please gentlemen do something to our satisfaction.
desde write a contact already.
https://www Facebook. com/groups/kromebr/? fref = nf

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