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Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros. & the cast of Dolphin Tale 2: Please do not let Florida use Dolphin Tale 2 to promote its state.

Please get behind a message of love, peace and respect for all human beings, all races and all living creatures. Do not ignore and condone the injustices now flourishing in Florida.

Dolphin Tale 2 will be a beautiful movie. We are asking you to set an example and bring a message of peace and love to all children, and not let an unrepentent culture of violence and guns use your movie to promote their ways.

It is important to send a message to the young people of America that the guns and violence of the NRA's concealed carry laws, combined with Florida's first-in-the-nation Stand Your Ground law, is incompatible with the humanity and love of all God's creatures, exemplied by the dolphins, Winter and Hope.


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