Stop 7-Eleven from Selling & Serving Alcohol in Ontario

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Doug Ford just recently announced he's 100% in favour of 7-Eleven, a U.S.-based convenience store chain, to start selling & serving alcohol in 61 of their stores in Ontario.

Currently, alcohol is only legally sold in Ontario at the government-owned Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), and private businesses, such as the Beer Store, authorized grocery stores, and manufacturers' off- and on-site retail stores.

The Ford government has repeatedly promised that it will expand the sale of beer and wine beyond the LCBO, the Beer Store, private wine shops, and the 450+ supermarkets currently licensed to sell.

Giving a U.S.-based corporation the first chance to sell in convenience stores in Ontario (when it's not even legal yet) sets a dangerous and unfair precedent, especially to the 1000's of family-run convenience stores across the province. It's a clear act of collusion from the Premier of Ontario and political bias in the fact Doug Ford has used the media to give 7-Eleven free advertising.

Doug Ford went as far as to hide his meeting with 7-Eleven's corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas  on Feb. 10, 2020 but this information was found by the CBC (through a Freedom of Information request for the premier's appointment schedule) just recently. Doug Ford did not inform the media of this meeting, which begs the question of why he did not disclose this to the public.

Doug Ford has always claimed to champion small businesses and stand up for the "little guy". However, with this move, he's clearly in favour of sidestepping the existing laws of selling alcohol in Ontario to benefit a giant U.S. corporation.Doug Ford is also the same Premier who refused to raise the minimum wage here in Ontario for citizens as well.

7-Eleven has started the process of trying to get approval from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) but it still needs to be approved by the board. We need everyone to sign this petition to stop 7-Eleven from getting an unfair and very profitable advantage over any other retail store in Ontario.

The AGCO must not allow 7-Eleven to sell or serve any alcohol in its Ontario stores, not now and not ever.

The AGCO is accepting public comment on the liquor licence applications until March 11th, 2021, so we need everyone to sign this and get it sent around via social media.