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Say no to Application ALC 53404 and Notice of Work Balme Ayr Pit

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This proposal has huge potential risks to neighbouring farms, including an asparagus farm, apiary, vineyard, poultry farm, proposed market garden, and other farms. There are risks to water quality and quantity, air quality (fine silicates associated with aggregate mining pose an extreme health hazard to neighbouring farmers, their children, employees, livestock and visitors to the farmgate), and general dirt and dust, which can coat the leaf surface of crops, block the stomata and seriously impact on photosynthesis. Many of the farms are dependent on the bees for pollination. In addition, the noise will seriously impact on the quality of life, especially for the asparagus farm, whose house and well are just feet away from the proposed gravel pit. The vineyard depends on agri-tourism, seriously impacted by the noise, dirt and dust. Cowichan Bay Road (a rural road with no sidewalks) now appears to be the main route for gravel trucks, however, Vineyard Road (not wide enough for two lanes) and Robson Lane have been mentioned as possibilities. ALL of these roads are frequented by pedestrians, cyclists and local and tourist traffic and are unsuited to and unnaceptable for heavy industrial traffic.

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