Dogs to be welcomed at Sunday Market

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Recently our local  Sunday market has decided to ban dogs from entering. I know some of you may agree but I also know there is a number of people who disagree to this new rule. I myself love taking my dog to the market as it’s the only time I really get to spend out with him. And let’s be honest it’s great for the dogs aswell. I know there are some dogs out there that may be a bit stir crazy but seriously as long as they are not hurting anyone, what harm can it really do? What harm is it doing to the Sunday market if people walk around with them ON A LEAD. I personally think as long as the owner has there dog under control then there is no issue. There isn’t any where now that we can enjoy a nice walk outside with our pooches while browsing through little stalls as we go. So please sign our petition and help change this situation. 

Dogs have a right to enjoy life as much as we do.