Protect Our Children and our Schools from APS Private Voting!

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On Thursday April 13th, 2017, in a private vote, Albuquerque Public Schools cut Middle School Sports for the 2017-2018 school year and is looking to "reorganize" the Gifted Programs at the Elementary, Middle School, and High School levels.

It was decided by APS Administrators at an earlier meeting that Gifted Science would be eliminated at the Middle School level, beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. APS is justifying making these cuts by saying that that this topic "has been an open discussion for some time", which is only slightly truthful. Though the decision to cut Middle School Sports and Gifted Programs may have been an "open discussion for some time", the discussion was only “open” to APS Administrators, not to the school district's tax paying parents or to their students who are most affected by these cuts. This fact was confirmed by APS District Spokesperson, Monica Armenta, who told KOB News that "it will be up to each school's administration to notify students and parents of the cuts". Another excellent miscommunication from the APS District Spokesperson that we pay more than $100K per year to speak to the Community (you and I) on behalf of APS. All the parents and students I have spoken to confirm that they were never notified about the possibility of APS cutting funding to Middle School Sports or about making cuts to the Gifted Programs in our schools. I only found out about the cut to Middle School Sports when a local news station showed up at my son's Little League baseball game on April 13th to get Parent and Student reactions to the news, and I only found out about the vote to make cuts to the Gifted Program in our schools via an email sent out to parents by an APS employee. I have yet to see any public announcements from APS about the cuts to the Gifted Programs in our schools. Monica Armenta, the District Spokesperson for APS, also told KOB News that "the district has gone to great lengths to figure out how to keep the cuts out of the classroom after massive budget cuts and declining enrollment". How exactly does making cuts to the Gifted Programs in our schools "keep the cuts out of the classroom"? Exactly what "great lengths" did APS go through Ms. Armenta before deciding to cut funding to Middle School Sports and Gifted Programs? Specifically, how many administrative job cuts / salary cuts were implemented, seriously discussed, or even lightly considered prior to making the cuts to programs that directly affect our kids while keeping your paycheck the same? You're APS Community wants and deserves answers.


By signing this petition, you are standing united with your APS Parent and Student Community and speaking out against APS private votes that cut funding to any school programs that affect our children. APS private votes that cut school programs affect and impact all of us. As parents and tax payers, we must work together to take the decision making about what's best for our children and our schools out of the hands of APS Administrators and out of the hands of the APS Board of Education. As parents and tax payers, we must work together to make our voices and our children's voices heard and to make sure that all decisions made that affect our children's education and futures are made by us, the non-elected, parent members of Albuquerque Public Schools who mean it when we say we will "serve the educational needs and interests of Albuquerque Public Schools".

 Thank you for your time and for your support.


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