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As of December 13th, of 2019, Presidents of Greek Life organizations were informed of a policy change made in October 2019 that all fraternity members will be required to be on the college meal plan forcing most fraternities to let go faithful cooks. The fraternities consider these cooks to be family, some cooks have even been working in the houses for over 20 years. These cooks have been with the houses for generations, and now due to corporate greed the Albion College Board of Trustees we are forced to let them go. These cooks are members of the community who rely on the fraternities for a living.

This policy change not only forces hard working community members out of a job, it also will effectively kill male Greek life. The college meal plans are expensive, so forcing us to pay the meal plans, what we pay for rooms (also set by the college), and our dues this will make Albion College Greek Life unaffordable for most students. Many fraternity men will tell you that they only stayed at Albion College because of the fraternity that they joined, and these houses are their home away from home. These men will be forced to leave their second families because the Board of Trustees forced them onto a meal plan. Retention rates will go down and memberships of Fraternities will almost disappear overnight if this policy is allowed to go through.

Nobody from leadership, nor the alumni were informed that this policy is in the making, we did not have a chance to fight this before it passed.

Our demands are simple,

We want to remain in the current agreement we have with the college. The statement of relations states that Fraternities have the responsibility to hire kitchen personnel and manage our kitchen staff. We don’t want to be forced into this policy.

We want to have our cooks keep their jobs. They are not just employees, they are family.

Help us fight this.

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