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Jarrah White
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Albino Galuppini started the Bill Kaysing Tribute Website, supposedly to honour the life and work of Bill Kaysing, the originator of the Apollo moon landing conspiracy theories.

However in recent years, Galuppini has shown his true colours. His so-called tribute website is a disingenuous front to sully Kaysing's name and legacy by associating him with Flat Earth nonsense. Galuppini has repeatedly cited Kaysing in articles falsely alleging that Earth is flat, that space itself is fake, and that any space travel is impossible. Bill Kaysing did not support this nonsense and IN FACT cited various space missions and even proposed using space travel to pull off the Apollo hoax events.

Myself, David Percy and even Kaysing's daughter Wendy have all tried to reason with Galuppini. But he either changes the subject, ignores our refutation, or dismisses it as "FAKE NEWS" intended to discredit the Flat Earth.

Out of respect for Bill Kaysing, I ask people to join me in demanding that Albino Galuppini step down as webmaster for the Bill Kaysing Tribute Website and relinquish his website managing duties to someone wise enough to NOT subscribe to Flat Earth nonsense.