Support Pharmacy Staff during the COVID-19 Crisis - Implement Hazard Pay and PPE

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Pharmacy staff, along with other essential workers (Doctors, Nurses, Cashiers, etc.) are an essential part of our social fabric. While other occupations are unionized, those working in Pharmacies have no organization looking out for their interests and safety. Pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy assistants are required to go into work so that everyone else continues to have timely access to their essential medication. These workers are at high risk to be exposed to the COVID-19 virus, as there is no pre-screening in place before people visit pharmacies. 

We ask you to please sign this petition in support of pharmacy staff receiving hazard pay and better access to personal protective equipment. Metro and Loblaws have already increased hourly wages for their grocery staff but have ignored their pharmacy staff. 

Now is the time for all Canadians to come together to lobby employers and the Government into doing what's necessary to ensure that ALL frontline workers are being fairly compensated.